Episode 2

Parasitoid Wasps as Biological Pest Control

One major focus of the 2021 conference podcast series was what we called our research roundup. I sought participation from a few different research institutions across the country so that we could hear about recent research of interest to the organic food and farming community. In this installment, I talk to Dr. Chandra Moffat, a research scientist focused on entomology and biological pest control at the Summerland Research and Development Centre, which is run by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. Chandra tells us about her work on two recent studies that involve the use of parasitoid wasps in the control of two different serious tree fruit pests in BC. Chandra's work is really cool, and this conversation was super interesting.

We also take a trip to the conference tradeshow. This time: I speak with Brian Spencer of Applied Bio-Nomics, a BC-based source for biological pest control.

This episode is a re-release originally produced for Organic BC's 2021 BC Organic Conference.

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