Episode 46

Carbon's A Quest

This episode: a primer on production practices that can reduce on-farm GH gas emissions via carbon sequestration. Joining us for this episode: Amy Norgaard, Climate Change Extension Specialist for the BC Ministry of Agriculture & Food, and Dieter Geesing, Provincial Soil Specialsit for the BC Ministry of Agriculture & Food.

First up: Amy outlines the problem of farm-based greenhouse gas emissions, defines carbon sequestration, and suggests some practices that can lead to a net reduction in on-farm emissions. After that: Dieter raises his hand to say: not so fast! In our effort to reduce emissions, he says, we have to take into account our specific growing conditions in order to avoid increasing, rather than decreasing, our farm's contribution to climate change.

This episode was produced with support from the BC Ministry of Agriculture & Food. With special thanks to Emma Holmes, Organics Industry Specialist with the ministry for some help in producing this episode.

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